• Reading Festival - Richfield Avenue, Reading

    6 Oct 2005, 9:56 de turkeyphant

    24th August, 2002

    So after the cuntdom of my parents, I got a last-minute Saturday ticket for Reading. Here's what I wrote on my livejournal:

    As always seems to precede a good day, I woke up at some absurd hour so that I could travel to Redhill and catch the appropriate train, all while eating a blueberry muffin designed to keep me going through the day. At Redhill, I bumped into Tom and Dom, but went down to find TD then Wealsey who was already in Maccy D's with Mole. I took a piss, they bought shit and soon we were on a train bound for Reading. On the way, we had a nice argument about shorts sucking asses and trousers 0wnz0ring everything. You see, Weasley loves to wear his backpacking tourist shorts and Molee invariable has a pair on in the summer. However, it's clear to all that wearing shorts is just a bit gay and thus, should be avoided at all costs. We got to Reading station and, because we are all pikey (except TD and Tom), we buy illegal cheap kiddie tickets. …