Sound Series #11

Sound Series #11 Hardware Gallery
Viernes 11 de Marzo de 2011

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Con 3ofmillions, Scissor Lock, Cleptoclectics, Alex White, Little Sis y The Neo Marrickville Megababes

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Viernes 11 de Marzo de 2011
Sound Series is a monthly night of sound-based performance and installation.

#11 will feature (in order of appearance):

* The Neo Marrickville Megababes

* Alex White

* Little SIS

* Cleptoclectics vs Scissor Lock

* 3ofmillions

AH Squared is a collaboration of interactive multimedia performance between musician/digital media artist, Andre Hayter and performer/choreographer Angela Hill. Our latest work, «Little SIS» uses interaction to both observe and influence behaviour with video-tracking, sound and visuals. It is a Social Interaction System, encouraging movement and changing spatial relationships as participants are tracked with a video camera and the data is translated (via Processing and other open source software) into algorithmically generated sound and visuals. The real-time interactive audio-visual score creates an abstracted conversation that is reflexive of participatory involvement.

Angela Hill will be joined by performers Ryuichi Fujimura, Leeke Griffin (and hopefully you). Move like no one is watching. Except you’re not alone…
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